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Vivian Wu

Vivian Wu

Vivian Wudid her undergraduate at Shanghai Normal University. After graduation, she did journalism and editor job for Shanghai "little master" (famous children's newspaper in Shanghai). In the 1990s, she went to U.S and obtained Master degree at University of Oregon. She was hired as teaching assitant at World Language Department, Pacific University. She came to Canada at 2007 for family reunion


Vivian loved Mandarin teaching career. Over the years, she constantly search for the best methodology for her teaching with different subjects so as to improve her mandarin class. In the annual conference of American Foreign Language Education Association in 2005, she published “Comparison of teaching grammar”. In 2010, She also discussed the mandarin education for overseas children on “Sing Tao Daily” and “Global Chinese News”. In 2009, she received the “Startalk” scholarship by the U.S government to attend Mandarin teaching training in Indiana University.


Vivian emphasized the development of communicative language teaching as to meet the students, parents and social needs in her class. Vivian also emphasizes a lot on student’s individual long-term development.

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