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Congratulate the students accepted by UBC

Congratulate the students accepted by UBC

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Congratulate the folowing students received offers from UBC:


Kitty Qian who studied in Elite : English12 and Math11/12  by Teachers: Derek L. Teresa G.

Charles Wan who studied in Elite : Physics 11/12 by Teachers: Alfred and Sharon She

Yiwei Zhao who studied in Elite: IB Chemistry 12 and English12  by Teachers: Dr.Jay H. an Sonya S.

William Tang who studied in Elite : AP English  by Teacher: Sonya S.

Even Zheng who studied in Elite: AP Physics and AP Calulus by Teacher: Dr.Jason Gao

Ryan He who studied in Elite: Math11/12(Pre cal.) and English12  by Teacher: Dr.Jason Gao, Dr.Duan and Shane Yang.


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