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Which level's SSAT exam are you going to take?

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Do I qualify to write the Lower Level or Upper Level SSAT?

The Secondary School Admission Test Board offers two versions of the SSAT.

·       The Lower Level SSAT is for students in grades 5 through 7.

·       The Upper Level SSAT is for students in grades 8 through 11.

What is the difference between the Lower Level and Upper Level SSAT exams?

Both the Lower Level and Upper Level exam contain sections that test the following: Math, Reading Comprehension, Synonyms and Analogies and Essay Writing.

The Upper Level SSAT Math sections include more word problems and more algebra than the Lower Level. The Upper Level also involves more two-step problems, or questions involving multiple skills.

The Upper Level SSAT Reading Comprehension passages tend to be longer and more complicated than the Lower Level, but follow the same format.

The Upper Level SSAT Synonyms and Analogies test more difficult vocabulary. 

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