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How to be a good ESL leaner--ESL Reading

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Many students encounters similar difficulties in ESL Exams. Some students had a hard time matching up the questions with the paragraphs in the reading; some can't keep up the pace of reading to the requirement of exams;  for some students, even if they finished reading the whole reading they still have problems grasping the main idea and key concepts of the whole article. So here's our questions: How are we going to improve our reading speed and efficiency as ESL learners; What are the useful tips that could help us conquer the reading?

First of all, ensuring the quality of the reading is the pre-emptive factor of scoring well in ESL readings and the key to that is to grasp the main idea of the article as well as the important paragraphs within a limited time of reading. However, nobody can learn to read effeciently over night, in other words, one have to intentionally exercise one's mind and reading ability in everyday life. To begin with, a good piece of article accomplishes half the job. What is a good piece of article (high quality article)? I believe such articles much have the following qualities: suitable difficulty, useful and meaningful content, well organized and accurately written grammar and framework, and beautifully arranged words combination. Therefore, as an ESL teacher, I am convinced that it is of great importance for the teacher to know well of his/her student so as to pick the most suitable reading material for the student.

Furthermore, to learn the article in the most comprehensive and rewarding way is also a key contributing factor of efficient  ESL reading.  As mentioned earlier, a good piece of reading material can be of high instructive value for ESL learners, students not only learns useful grammar points, sentence structure, framework of the reading but also enriches their background knowledge through the reading. For what's better, by learning extensively, the students can actually learn about the usage of many language points in real-life writing samples which will not only help the students better understand the usage of such but also enables the students to memorised them better. Thus, as an ESL teacher, I believe a thorough and extensive explanation of the whole article and help the students maximize their learning.

Last but not least, as a practical way  of coping with ESL exams, many useful tips can help the students to maximize their score and minimize their valuable time consumption during the exams as well. For example. it is better to quickly scan the whole article to grasp the whole idea of the reading before start reading extensively; Before going for the extensive reading, it also helps to have a quick look at the questions behind the article so as to start the reading with better focus; And during extensive reading , always pay extra attention to the first and last paragraph of the whole article, they often give a summarizing idea of what the reading is about. In other words, never jump to an answer unless you can find the supporting evidence in the article itself.

All in all, ESL reading, as a major part in ESL learning and examinations, has the power to change the result of the learning. Therefore, It is of great importance for ESL learners to lay a solid foundation under the guidance of an experienced and tactical ESL teachr.


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