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Dr. Jay Herath's Teaching Format

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     When I first meet a student I have them take a short diagnostic test in the subject they want to learn. After seeing their skill level, we discuss the skill level they want to reach, and set up long term and short term goals to help in reaching that level. If the student wants to learn about the general concept of their subject, I give a short lecture on what they are studying. Often the student wants to go right into problem solving, where I assist the student in specific questions they have been having difficulty with and explained the concepts involved in them.

     For material I often use the material that the student has been provided by their classes, as it will help them better prepared for their specific curricular. However, I will bring my own material, such as study guides, notes, and various textbooks, so the student can develop a knowledge outside of that which is provided by their schooling. Which option we take however, is entirely up to the student, often the student will learn from martial from his class and outside material that I bring, whichever helps the student learn better. For test preparation we will go through concepts and solve problems from past exams. We also carry out timed practice test runs, past test reviews, and give study tips.

     These are some of the things I do to help students learn in my tutoring sessions, please call me if you think these solutions might work for you. You also can get a free consultation session at Elite Education Center, you may choose your convenient location Richmond or Burnaby campus.


-----Dr. Jay Herath

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