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Online Credited Academic Courses

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Online credited academic courses are designed to allow students to take courses for credits anytime, anywhere, as long as they are accessible to the internet.

  • What credited courses are available online?

Basically, all credited courses which are offered in BC education system are available online. For example, English (G8-12), Social Studies (G8-11), History (G12), Geography (G12), Mathematics (G8-12), Science (G8-12), Biology (G11-12), Chemistry (G11-12), Physics (G11-12), Languages, Physical Education, Visual Arts and etc.

  • What is the advantage of taking credited courses online?

Online courses created flexibility. The most advantageous group will be ESL students who do not meet the requirements to take regular English and other courses for credits at school. Due to the fact that the completion of BC high school dogwood diploma requires the consecutive credits for English 10, English 11 and English 12, ESL students who do not satisfy the requirements for taking regular English are not able to complete the dogwood diploma but have to attend Adult school.

Online credited academic courses do not restrain ESL students to take regular English courses. As long as the students complete a prerequisite course online, they will be able to take regular English for credits.

In addition, students of G10 and above are able to retake courses which they did not do well online and obtain new grades to apply universities.

  • How to Register for Online Credited Academic Courses?

Parents of students may register the online courses on our website or contact the student consultant at Elite Education Center for detailed registration procedures. Student consultant at Elite Education Center will set up an exam to check the students’ self-motivated ability to study, analyze the students’ school grades and offer students with the best fitted advises. AT the same time, should the students have any questions about the program including how they should improve their grades, they may contact teachers at Elite Education Center for academic assistance.

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