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SSAT Preparation classes: For Grade 5-11 students who are willing to transfer to private schools.

SSAT, stands for Secondary School Admission Test, is considered as a compulsory factor to admission when students apply to private schools in United States and Canada. SSAT discovers students’ abilities in Mathematics, English, Reading comprehension and logical thinking. It also tests for students’ potential ability.

SSAT is contributed by four parts: vocabulary, reading, Mathematics and writing. The first three parts are graded by computers and the writing part will be sent to individual schools and marked by the admission department at the schools that the students apply.

SSAT is divided by Lower Level and Upper Level. Different levels have different marking schemes. Lower Level is designed for G5-7 students while Upper Level is for G8-11 students. The formats of the exams of the two levels are exactly the same. Nevertheless, the difficulties and total marks are different. The total marks for Lower Level is are ranged between 1320 and 2130 and the total marks for Upper Level are ranged between 1500 and 2400. 


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