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- Suitable for Grade 10-12 students who intend to apply for or transfer into the famous universities in the United States.

Through the systematical study of SAT courses, which include questions analysis and examing skills, students can truly understand all aspects of SAT and learn a variety of examination techniques.

This course includes four subjects: fill in the blanks, writing, reading and grammar.

  1. Fill in the blank: concentrate on four parts which are primary requirements, the principles of problem-solving, question classifications and explanation and testing notes. To help students fully understand the test’s characteristics, requests and prepared strategies, thus achieve high performance in short time.
  2. Writing: focus on characteristics of the SAT writing. Through a variety of means, such as sample analysis, exam brief, introduction of evaluation standard as well as analysis on article structures, the teaching will focus on the essay composition, diversity arguments and the use of language as well.
  3. Read: using the SAT official tutorial materials to enable students to master quickly different exam-based methods and practical answering techniques, to help students get satisfied scores.
  4. Grammars: mainly spell out the points of SAT grammars test by simulating the real exam.


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