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- Suitable for G1-12 new immigrant students

The course is divided into listening/ speaking and reading/ writing classes with three levels; taught by native English teachers as well as Chinese teachers with years experience in ESL teaching. Our goal is to help students improve their English skill significantly in the shortest possible time and adapt to the local language environment therefore to keep up with the regular study pace in school class.  

ESL Listening and Speaking course

- To train a primary sense of English language; familiar with English pronunciation system; improve English listening comprehension;

- Basic English conversation; can use over two hundred oral English sentences and a thousand words which are used frequently by everyday;

- Master basic principles of English tense as well as primary reading and writing;

- Master the high-frequency vocabulary around 1000 to 1500, to pave the way for continuing improves your English;

- With English self-training ability, students know how to across the English study berries and be able to prepare English language exams easily and independently;

ESL Reading and Writing

- Familiar with English writing method; to improve rapidly writing skills;

- Logical thinking: Technically use high-level grammar, from expand ideas to create the outline and complete the full-text (200-600 words).Aiming to meet the requirements of various English article writing.


ESL Pre-test:

Plesase click the links below and finish the online free ESL pretest in ONE hour.

You may email the test sheet to The grades will be noticed after evaluation.

ESL Level 0 (Beginner)

ESL Level 1(Elementary)

ESL Level 2 (Pre Intermediate)

ESL Level 2.5 (Intermediate)

ESL Level 3 (Upper Intermediate)

ESL Level 3.5 (Advance)


more information:

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