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Pinyin and Chinese Characters Learning Class: Designed for Canada-Born-Chinese aged 4-10.  Small Session classes ensure more interactions between teachers and students. Multiple classes each week help students build up their Chinese foundations gradually and cultivate students’ interests to learn Chinese.

Beginning to Intermediate Chinese Reading and Writing Classes:  Designed for students who have certain Chinese foundations. Small session classes and multiple times each weak help students improve their reading, writing, listening and speaking abilities. 

Chinese Challenge Preparation Classes: Designed for grade 10-12 students who are preparing for Chinese Challenge classes. The classes are instructed by well-recognized Chinese teachers who are experienced in helping students score high marks in Chinese Challenge classes. Once or multiple times a week; one-on-one classes or small sessions are available.

Chinese classes for non-Chinese adults/young kids: Designed to teach non-Chinese who have strong interests and passions to learn Chinese. Professional Chinese teachers are available to teach students from Pinyin pronunciation to basic Chinese reading and writing.


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