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Elite Education Bilingual (English/Mandarin) Program has operated for four years since 2007. The program adopts an interdisciplinary approach that integrates Mandarin, Math and Science, Arts, and English as well, with a specific emphasis on Mandarin. Students are ranging from 5 to 12 year old.

- Mathematics:Taught by experienced teacher three times a week; aim to develop students ‘potential and practice logical thinking, to lay a solid foundation for future math learning.

- Chinese:Taught by extremely excellent Chinese teacher three times a week; following principles of language learning, our classes include PINYIN, Chinese reading and writing.

- English:Native English teachers teach twice a week; to help students improve their English skills in vocabulary, grammar and writing.

- ArtsTaught by professionals graduated from Art institution; twice a week; various topics included from painting, paper-cut and craft arts.

According parents' request, we can help pick students up from nearby schools which include:

Maywood; Marlborough; Chaffey-Burke; Inman; Taylor Park; Windsor; Buckingham; Brantford; Suncrest; SouthSlope; Nelson.

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