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Waterloo University Admission: Kaleny Lin

Waterloo University Admission: Kaleny Lin

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Student Name: Kaleny Lin   Waterloo University   Major: Math/Business

Student's Comments:  I have been in Elite for two years ever since grade 11.First I have to thank all the Elite staff for providing such a great place for us to learn and inprove our marks.then I thank Dr.Shen.Because of her ,explore my potential abilities in math.Math used to be an annoying subject for me before I came to Elite,but after 2 years being taught by Dr.Shen,I discovered my abilities and make Math now an interesting subjict.Thank you,Elite!you just lighted my future!

Parents’ Feedbacks: Thanks to Yanyuan, especially Dr. Shen’s assistance to making my kid’s Math top in his grade. He got an excellent mark for Math, which is 98/100.

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