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About Elite

Elite Education Academy founded in 1997. It is well known for its professions in Education throughout the Great Vancouver Region. The philosophy that Elite Education holds is “Cultivating Elites”.

Elite Education offers diversified and one-stop educational services. It provides courses including Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Science, English, Chinese etc, fulfilling the needs of students from pre-school to University. In addition, Elite Education is contributed by over forty Caucasian and Chinese teachers who all hold either Master or Doctoral Degrees.

Elite Education attempts to meet every student’s need and help every student to improve while studying here. The small session classes with a maximum number of 5 students allow teachers to have more time to work with each student in classes and understand their levels and problems. Furthermore, Elite Education requires teachers to focus on “teaching” during classes and only assign students practicing questions after each class so that students are given more opportunities and time to learn new stuffs during classes. At the same time, student consultants at Elite Education will keep the parents updated about their children’s performance. Elite Education also offers one-on-one tutoring sessions to students who have more specific requirements.

The ESL classes at Elite Education are characterized by the cooperation of Caucasian English teachers and Chinese teachers. Caucasian teachers are responsible for Oral and Listening English and Chinese teachers teach Grammar. They work together to enhance ESL students’ progresses.

Elite Education also has numerous Standardized Exams Preparation classes such as IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, SSAT, LPI, LET MCAT and Citizen. There are also online SKYPE classes available to students who are located outside of Great Vancouver Region.

Elite Education has two locations: one is in Metrotown, Burnaby and the other one is in Fairchild Square, Richmond. Both of the locations are easily accessible and create the best studying environment for students.


Burnaby Center: 388-5000 KINGSWAY BURNABY BC; Tel:604-438-9883

Richmond Center:380-4400 HAZELBRIDGE WAY, RICHMOND, BC; Tel:604-303-6667

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